Thursday, September 30, 2010


I shared I-90 with this guy for a while through the Dakotas on the way to Sturgis this year. Loved his bike! Don't know who he is but his bike was a nice change from all the billet barges clogging the slab west. Looks like Ontario plates and he has a couple Bonneville patches on his leather. Anyone have any leads?

Paul & Rich

Paul Martin on the left is Harley's main graphics guru, pinstriper and resident harp blower. Rich Christoph on the right is the creative noggin behind the Nightster and other recent sportster additions, can party like a viking and makes nice babies. The guy in the middle is late to work most days.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Daily Sled #203

Partial Streamliner - que gears in head.


Sketch mode...

Birthday Boy

Hope you had a good one brother!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rubber Girls Fuel and Fire

What could possibly top 20+ bikes doing a burnout in perfect unison? Well, that would be cute girls spitting fire above them. Sturgis is a very subtle place.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sturgis PT7 - The Broken Spoke Chopper Show

Probably my favorite event at Sturgis this year was the Broken Spoke/Cycle Source Chopper Show. Chris from Cycle Source and the crew at the Broken Spoke made it even better than last year and with attendance up at the rally in general the turn out was HUGE. I have to hand it to those guys because either they are super lucky or someone is doing some heavy editing at the show gate - there were almost no 30K billet barges at the show. Every bike had a story to tell and did it with good taste, nice proportions and good ingredients. It was a very good night for the Bonnepan too - we ended up with the Best Panhead trophy and then The Best of Show honors as well. And honored I was! Thanks all who voted and gave our little salt sled the nod. We will see you all next year!

Niimie & Shinya

You guys did it! 3325 miles in 15 days! Actually I never doubted they would make it. These guys along with SloJo and all the other cannonballers are the real deal & we sure are proud of them all!

Rosemary Abides

After Friday nights feature Rosemary decided it was time to get to know her a little better - in a more intimate way if you will. There has always been a lot of electricity between us but that spark failed to occur Friday night so I left her... until Saturday morning when I could chase down what was happening (or not happening rather). That's when, to my surprise, I found this. Greg had been in early that morning...he turned my annoying relay repair into a hoot - thanks my brother! Rosemary now abides.

Ride-In Movie Night

If you have never seen Roadside Prophets there is a large box unchecked on your data sheet. Our local crew had the chance to see it (many for the first time) under the moon and stars this past weekend thanks to Greg and the gang at MCHD. By any chance do you have a roman candle?

McQueen Monday

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tonight's feature at the MCHD Drive-In is one of my favorites - Roadside Prophets with John Doe. The crew will be arriving around 7. BBQ is provided - bring your bike, blankets and shine (but keep that stuff low!). BBQ @ 7, movie @ 8. See you there.

Our Daily Sled #202

A picture illustrating the definition of "dialed in".

Summers Last Margarita

Len and the folks at Speedcult shared the last night of summer with our crew the other night and it was delightful. Margarita's were abundant and so were the felines. We rode out with a warm breeze in our faces and home with a full-moon to guide us. Cheers my friends!


I had amazing seats at Wednesday nights Tiger game - most of the time anyway...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Daily Sled #200!!!

Your probably all sick of seeing it but when you own the blog you can do things like this...

Cycle Porn #144


Tour Detroit - this Saturday!!!

30 miles through the D this Saturday. Support the anti-establishment by joining the rally for $35 bucks or you can be anti anti-establishment and wait in a dark alley and roll-in after the gun for free sans helmet. Seriously - it's for a good cause (bike lanes downtown) so don't be a tool. Sign up now! Today is your last chance.