Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul and his giant head.

My buddy Paul from Milwaukee is a talented boy. Not only is a he part of the brains within the HD Styling department, he also plays a mean harp. Although his head is gia-normous in this photo Paul is quite down to earth and unaffected by it all. The photo was taken at the 105th party while he and his band were opening for Bruce Springsteen.

Mt. Garfield Hill Climb

Muskegon Michigan, late 40's/very early 50's.


Tiny and Lobo enjoying the great outdoors...I think.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mucho Wu 6

Just got the depressing news that Paul Newman passed on. What can you say about Cool Hand Luke that has not already been said? Suffice it to say he was a great actor, full-blown gearhead and one of the purist human beings in the business. Paul was an icon in a sea of cardboard cutouts. I think you used enough Dynamite there Butch...

Friday, September 26, 2008

12,000 miles in four weeks PT 4 - Bonney

This was my third trip to Bonneville for Speedweek. I love this place and how as a gearhead couldn't you. It was first a stagecoach stop then a mining town, then a WWII Air Force base (they trained the B-29 crews who dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan here), then a Casino town but first and foremost it has always been god's racetrack. The place oozes with history. It gets stuck to your shoes when you walk around the town - and it's a heavy town, a desperate town but that just adds to it's unique appeal. History likes to get made here so it will always be an energy hub of sorts. If you have never been and you like things that go fast make plans for next year and I'll see you there.

Old skool cool.

Tip time.


You can run just about anything you bring but I'm not sure if there is a pedal car group? But there should be.
I could not help but wonder if the driver was the one in the wheel chair...

Historic Shelby.

Sleepy and Shinya.

Shinya's knuck.

Sleepy tries it on. What's that one about the monkey and the football? Just kidding sleepy, you look bitchin - now go find one of your own!

50's vette based kit car, the make of which slips my mind.

Post salt spray down.


State Line Casino nightly car show/partee - my favorite part of Bonneville - the best car show you will ever see (but never hear of) and there are no entry fees, trophies, advertising or BS.

As it grew darker I was able to push the limits of my little canon point and shoot. I think it did a great job for a tourist prop.

The '40 Ford below was BADASS. I know some folks think the perfect definition of a hot rod is a deuce hi-boy I actually believe cars like this fit the description better.

Shane, Gene Winfield and Shane's Dad. Moments like this happen the entire week, Bonneville is a magic place.

Look close, he's part Iron Man.

It's 4am do you know where sleepy is? He's taking pictures of the famous GM "Future of Progress" bus. I spotted it as we pulled into our motel, it must have been returning from Pebble Beach which had just happened the weekend before Bonneville. Like I said magic moments like to happen here

Up Next? Davenport. Then the trips conclusion at the HD 105th party in Milwaukee. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suzi's Greenway's 2008

Pan Heaven.

Don from Toledo brought up this killer little sporty.

The American Iron, like good soldiers, were in the round flanking the Veteran's Memorial.

Beautiful Velocette...

Sporty with side hack was a refreshing surprise.

Charlie (from Oz) and Art (from Chelsea) hanging around a fitting steed for the good General.
Great show as usual. The weather was a little sketchy but that did not prevent a huge turnout. It was great to see some of my many bike friends all in one place for a few hours. I wish we had a show like Suzi's every month. It goes without saying a rally like this could only happen because of Suzi's inspiring energy. Well done Suz!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Sleeps Tonight

Band night tonight. It was good to see (and play) with my friends. Anyone know any drummers lookin for a regular gig in Detroit? Yes, sombreros were the theme tonight...

The Getaway

Find it, rent it, watch it, smile.

Class Act

There is still some good in this town.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiny's Tickled Pink

Tiny and his sweetie at the 105th. Not sure what's so goddamn funny.

Jim and Steve

Halcyon days.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Daily Sled #5

Tim from the SFC board just finished this tasty little sled. I must say he nailed it. Yummy.

Late Night with The Wolf

Shakin like jelly on a plate. The Wolf letting it rip at the American Folk Blues Festival in 1964.