Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eyes on Design 2009

Another nice one (and rare!) from this cool event. More bikes next year!

Art tries on Gene's Bonneville Rocket

Gene took this bike to a 127mph pass. There is nothing sexier than a pure bread race bike.

FOR SALE: The Road Queen

With removable fairing. Comes off in about 10 seconds.

After 5 years and 38,000 miles my SUV, The Road Queen as she is known around here unfortunately must go. As you know if your a reguler at the ZON I've ridden this bike all over the united states. She has been to the West coast two times, to Sturgis 4 times and everywhere else in between including Wyoming, Utah and the UP. I've taken ultra-good care of her and she still purr's like a baby.

Mods include; beach bars, lowered suspension, aux road lamps (for cutting through the blacker than black northern Michigan nights) and a Jardine adjustable-quick release backrest/luggage rack. Major services documented and all oil changes done religiously by me. She has no vices.

Bought new in 2004, I love this bike and you could too. I'm asking 10K which as far as I can see on the web and craigslist is about as cheap as you can find one. Post a comment if your interested.

First Lap at Indy

Epic night!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Very Nice Specimen

Pre-Depression cutdown turned heads at Bonneville 2008. Impressive engineering and good proportions make a nice couple.

Our Daily Sled #108

The "Mighty One". A little under the weather at the moment but soon to be re-born.

Cycle Porn #61

Luscious Sporty courtesy of the Dutchman.

The D

Our Daily Sled #107

The new shit.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sister Goldenhair #6

Wow! On a Vincent no less....

Cole's Stable

Sturgis 2007

Our Daily Sled #106

Beautiful handiwork of that crazy, suicidal hillbilly from Indy the infamous and always mucho lovable Dr. Shoebert. I took these before I even met the guy - fate baby! Sturgis 2006.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bamboo Kid

If you've never known Joe then you don't really Know. Get your car outta that gear.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Daily Sled #105

One of the cleanest WR's I have ever seen. Davenport 2008.

Ladyslide #9

Dig the New Breed

First Roll

The first time the BonnePan rolled. That's the super-Fab-tastic Jon Swanson, of Acme Vintage, on the right.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Park!

Testing out the capsule.

A new skate park opened just down the road from the zen den. I spent a couple hours there last night with kids a third of my age. "Your as old as my dad!" Talking to friends afterward I was reminded how far we would have traveled (anything within a 4 hour drive was considered a normal day trip) to skate a place as nice as this new one (and it's free!). Now most kids have one just like it in their own backyard. Parks like this will bread some very good skaters, ones possibly with some style due in part to the popularity of deep bowls (this one has a friggin' capsule!), they require loads of flow and a lot of the kids last night understood that. I'm looking forward to skating this one some more.

McQueen Monday

Our Daily Sled #104


Suzi Greenway's

HUGE turnout this year with plenty of cool stuff to point a camera at, unfortunately my battery only had enough juice for one shot - here it iz. Tipsy and his cherry injun. If you want to see more pics head over to Motoguru's site here http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com/ .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tour Detroit Board Tracker Build Pt.5 FIN

The "new" bike.

Brothers Bock do the pre-ride stuff. Note Bill's killer late 60's 8-speed(!) collegiate. Little did anyone know how strong an entry Bill and his green machine would prove to be pushing our wrecking crew to a first place finish. Did I mention it was not a race.

The look of determination, anger and strength. Joe and Bill put on their race face. Note Grand Central Station rotting away in the background.

The ride eventually wound through the Heidelberg project. The entire procession of 2000 riders stop to take a peek at the art. I can't believe people actually lobbied to have the place bulldozed.

The Wasp and I enjoy a moment of lens time in front of the orange house.

Tyree Guyton himself was there to answer any questions. It was great watching the puzzled suburbanites take in Tyree's creation. When was the last time you were able to ride through a work of art?
Mid-day break near Belle Isle. 2000 riders wait in line for the chance to use one of the four Porto pots. Other than that the event ran like a well oiled bike.

The first place team awaiting the final 10 mile charge to the finish. Little did they know what we had in store for them. The girl with wicker basket proved to be a tough cookie but we were eventually able to break her.

The spoils of victory. Joe, Chris, Bill and Steve await the delivery of the trophy.
1700 riders, 30 miles of downtown road, a rider who has not ridden in nearly 10 years and one 60 year old bike. We started near the end of the pack, worked as team (not really), laughed out loud at some of those uptight pedal people and managed to roll the Wasp across the "finish" first! Yes, it was not a race but let me tell you the last 13 miles were intense (in a casual way). I was elbowed, pushed and bumped in the last 5 miles; people definitely wanted that first spot why I have no idea? But once I got it I could not give it up until the end which for us was a quick bail out past the police escort and a b-line to Slows.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Suzi Greenway's this weekend!

Suzi's killer "little" event is this weekend in Stockbridge, Mi . Saturday night there is a ride and some biker movies in the town square. Sunday is the main event with a huge vintage show and ride in happening from 10-6 with the main hours being 12-4. You WILL NOT find better roads anywhere in southeastern Michigan so fuel up the sled and light the wick! Info here http://www.sport-touring.net/forums/index.php?topic=29189.0 .

Death on the Boards

"Hot Rod Race" is my favorite but "Death on the Boards" is a very close second. Check out the rest of Robert's work here. http://www.robtwilliamsstudio.com/

Tour Detroit Board Tracker Build Pt.4

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Daily Sleds #104

Insperation for the Wasp.

Tour Detroit Board Tracker Build Pt.3

Two Days until the flag drops and I'm almost done with my Motor City road burner. Found some great diamond tread vintage tires and two seats. Still can't decide which one to go with; the black mega expensive uncomfortable job or the brown super affordable and comfortable compromise .
I have black in mind for the seat color and the nice cheap one is brown. What do ya think?