Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I was in 2nd grade when these were made...they may have been the best deal at the show. TONS of stuff for sale but the prices were WAY high and attendance proved to be way low.

35K bought you this Indian single lung board tracker and ended up being my pick of the show. But I how would I strap it on the Road Queen for the ride back to the D?

EVERYTHING was for sale this year but prices did nothing to attract buyers. Most merchandise went home with the sellers.

Bithcin wall piece.

Dual motor whizzer was a peach.

Fell in love with this old girl as well. I'm a sucker for those amber lenses.
Killer toy car must have made some pre-teen baby boomer very happy.\

Jeff Decker made the show this year, the first time in 3 years. Some of his latest stuff is mind-bending.

Sockets, triple trees, S&S backing plate and/or a dog could be scored at the show.
This drag bike was at Wauseon too. I forgot to write down all the info again! Any help out there?

ACF displayed the worlds fastest flathead.

When it got hot on Friday Shoe and I split for Whitey's. Shoe scored a mint chocolate chip cone and I went for the vanilla and butterscotch single scoop.

Choice HD race bit. These 8 gallon tanks were used at road courses like Daytona.

Gene Payne's stable at Davenport. Incredible.
Trick Trike.
Direct oil injection!!! Wanna run flat out at Bonneville for three miles without melting a piston?
This is one way to do it.
Joe marks his new Ruckus for life with Shoe's latest tag.

Casa da Shoe.
Early Saturday morning most of the vendor's were still asleep...
Just back from the BUB event at Bonneville this Pan went 109. The owner told me that's as fast as a stock Pan could ever run there. I cracked a smile.

Paul and Barbara discuss fast flatheads with Joe and you know who.

The way these motors were integrated into these little screamers was spot on. Perfect lines.

About to head home on Saturday morning. Had a bitchin time! Thanks to everyone who handed us a beer, offered us food or came up to say hello. Here comes the fall...