Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OilySouls 3

A lot of people have been asking because it's been kinds quiet around here, but it will happen. However, this year we are taking a MUCH different approach to the show. Since everybody and their Dad has a highly polished fancy motorcycle show with all kinds of ultra-slick promotion, we are saying "fuck that" and creating something more organic, lo-fi and punk-rock. Basically a huge party for you and your motorcycle. Our recipe is still the same as it has always been - 25 invited bikes inside and whoever the hell else wants to show up on the outside. We will have some cool prizes, more than likely a vendor area and some ice cold beverages but not much else because we are stripping this fancy and now typical bike show formula thing down to maximize the party power.
August 22nd is the date - the location is a mind blower and we will release info about it soon. That's all you need to know for now....

Thunderbird Bros.