Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walter We Are With You PT3

Here he is astride one of my favorite pan's (built by Crocustoms). What a rockstar. Check the blog I ripped it from -Joe King Speedshop - very good stuff. Click post title for the jump. Walter I'll see you soon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Counting the Hours...

..until I'm on the road. The route is due West via the Maumee river and old Route66 to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and beyond. Packing light and moving quick 'till we get to western Oklahoma - then it's touring speed with a camera in hand and my nose to the wind. I have a loose plan for New Mexico but the rest is up to fate and the road. A few days will also be spent in Colorado's beautiful Summit county. Looking forward to the clarity that the open road delivers, seeing some good friends and spending some time in the southwest. But not just yet, I still have a couple more days left here in the D. A thanks in advance to Danger Dan and his pit Jonas for keeping their eyes on my HQ.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soon... will be nights on the road and foreign beds on the back. New Mexico here I come...

"Hey Diesel"...

..."I'm having some people over later", says Marcel. So I fired up the flat head and bolted over to Greasy Dave's. He decided to tag along on his impeccable German race sled. Nice night - perfect for air cooled twins. A bit of a German/American fusion.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cycle Porn #199

Sister Golden Hair #43

Thought this was fitting for today since our small crew did the critical mass ride last night here in the D. 450 riders turned out for what ended up being a 29mile ride deep into the night (or 10pm).

The Finer Things...

My brother Joel sends me this pic yesterday of his Friday afternoon ritual - a vodka ginger lime and the latest posts from the Zen of Neato. Always a proper combination. Cheers to you Joel!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Purpose #45

My good friend Bill sent this pic of his wife's uncle back in the late sixties sliding through Santa Monica with his then girlfriend (now wife). I'm digging the Jack Purcell's up on the hi-pegs. Peace baby.

Walter We Are With You

He's probably closing in on So Cal as we speak. Have you ever watched Raising Arizona? Then you know the scene with Walter and the rabbit, and the grenade? Look out LA. Squeezes to you Walter. See you at the Gypsy Run.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

34 from Mods Vs. Rockers

I left for Chicago after work on Saturday around 2, made the 5 hour ride in under 4hours thanks to my big Italian lane splitting wonder. When I rolled down N. Lincoln from the lake I began to see bikes instantly. The show was bigger than last year thanks to the fact that a lot of Chi-town hipsters have traded in their fixies for small cc bobbed Japanese sled's. Whatever, the more the merrier I say. Had a great time on the street and in the bar at Delilah's (good to see you again Josh!). Later we rode off to the the after party at the Bottom Lounge which went late into the night with good food, friends and a killer Clash cover band. Hours later it was time for the after -after party in Bucktown (I think) -it was late.
I do remember someone at the party was a professional dog walker and I have evidence in a dozen or so pics of the dogs, two of which I included above (that's Bubbles and Sam). I finally found a warm bed in Trish's cozy Eastern themed bachelorette pad which was in walking distance from the after-after party. She kindly put up half our crew for the weekend. By 2pm Sunday Marcel and I had it screwed down on eastbound 94 with the sun on our backs. Made it home in time for the fathers day festivities. Thanks to everyone who opened up their arms for our crew from Detroit and to all those who made the gig possible.