Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zon the Road

Heading west for a while folks. The target is New Mexico just like last year. Check back in about 9 days or so...

Much Love,


Graciousness: Marked by kindness, sympathy, and unaffected politeness: gracious to visitors; a cordial welcome; a genial guest; enjoys a sociable chat. Let's you borrow his tools to fix the bike you just crashed his lovely party with. Then does not allow you to get dirty and welds your broken drag pipes for you in his clean party clothes. Does all this then offers you a steak dinner, all the beer you can drink and a place to stay the following year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

5, 4, 3, 2...

Thanks for the pic PP!

Chelsea Celebrates with Vintage Iron!

Friday June 26th Chelsea Michigan celebrates it's birthday with (among other country town like festivities) a vintage bike gathering. The bike show is being put together by non-other than the towns favorite biker son Art Farley. The party will happen just south of downtown on M52. If your coming from I94 go north on M52 about a mile, look for all the old shiny iron. I'll have the '39 on hand leaking oil profusely.

Cycle Porn #47

Nira Johnson's Trump drag bike. So s w e e t .

Greg's Sled

Lovely bits....Greg send more pics of your heavenly Huffner when your done.

Shake it....

When looking at this photo do you feel a little worried about Ms. Welch like I do?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Daily Sled #86

Thanks For the photos Goncalo!

Ladyslide #6

Thanks there Sleepy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's Old is Old...


You would not be able to tell from my ULH but I'm kinda finicky. After looking at the paint on my tanks for all most 2 years I finally got around to "fixing" it. You see the paint scheme on the '39's had a feature line that split the tu-tone colors apart. That split line is supposed to line up perfectly with the rear down tube so in side-view it's one line from the rear axle center to the front of the tank. Whoever painted my tanks missed the visual connection so there was a break in the line at the rear of the tank. (You'll notice in the "before" picture I used some burnt orange striping tape to visually bend the line down and make the connection.)

That break kept me up at night, so last week I decided to re-paint the tanks correctly. The tanks are of shovel head vintage so although well worn over the years the paint was certainly not original. So I felt just fine sanding it all down (much to Tipsy's dismay). I think it looks a helluva lot better and I have no more bags under my eyes to prove it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

McQueen Monday

Willie's Motor City Birthday

The Birthday Boy and Joe share the frame with yours truely. Had a great weekend riding and celebrating with our beloved Pope. Love the man.

Mucho Wu #70

Just visiting...

Our Daily Sled #85

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Gilmore Barns Vintage Meet 2009

The crew on our crack of dawn breakfast break. Eclectic was the theme of the day with the bikes.

Joe with this years girl...

'39 right hand shift Knuck.

Clean little Honda bobber.

The swap was HUGE this year and I managed to find a ton of stuff for the BonniPan. See that rusty Benalli tank over on the left, I bought that too for 15bucks. Why? I'm not really sure but it was calling my name.

$225 would have brought home this 70's relic. Check out the tiny painting of Tehran in the main bubble there. Yes it made me think of you Shahin.

Old meets new but still looks old.

Duc scrambler was sweet.

Vintage dirt bikes are all the rage at the moment in case you have just crawled out from under a rock.

See what I mean? Original Husky was very tempting...

BSA hill climbing monster was awesome and sounded even better.

Street tracker of the day goes to this healthy looking trump.

Nice overview of the British field. The quality and quantity were up from years past as the show had finally graduated to the mainstream.

I love the Venom's...

I can never get enough of the old shell station. Getting gas at service stations like this most have been a happening in the old days.

The best thing about the Gilmore show is the venue. The only place that might be more beautiful to host a show is Pebble Beach, but that's a long ride from the mitten on a Sunday morning. Here you get the feel of the place. Someone said 4000 bikes this year. It would not surprise me.

This diner is similar to the one found at the Henry Ford Museum with one major difference - this one is still serving food

Always dig walking through the hood ornament display. You can find just about anything you could think up.

Yes, those are matching sweaters - you don't want those guys getting cold while they work do you

A watershed year for the Gilmore Vintage show. 3 times the size of last year with a swap meet that is now become respectable in size. The show is a little off the beaten path back in the west Michigan woods but that's part of it's charm. Keep your eyes posted for next years dates - if you can do only one bike show in the mitten make it this one. You will not go home disappointed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ladyslide #5

Kassia Meador doin her thing.

Our Daily Sled #84

'78 Suzuki 750 ala Road Warrior. Tight confident proportions make this oriental curve burner today's ODS pick.

Taking the Hill...

Your about to enter a world of pain...