Monday, June 15, 2009

Billetproof 2009

Only a few bikes at the gig this year but still more than last year. This BSA took home the trophy for best bike.

Beautifully done trump.

Some of the best cars gathered on a long card table in the shade.

Dick looks over the collection.

My kit pick of the day.

A full-size kit awaits a new home.

My favorite jalopy of the event.

Something about these tires says Tonka to me.

My good friend Mark Allen's gorgeous deuce with trick details in all the right places. Well done.

Mark's mill. Courtesy of Rolls Royce.

Little Tony and his Tall T. I really dig this car and every time I see it I ask him if I can climb in. Looking over the hood from the drivers seat is a very unique experience in one of these virgin T cabs. Maybe one day I can take it for a spin. HINT HINT.

Another shot of Tony's neat little top hat.

Tony's buddy Bill brought his nifty T to the show as well. Bill is a dedicated ZON follower and a righteous dude because of it. The cragers look very fresh all of sudden ah?

Burn out contest in full effect...

Best paint of the show trophy was given to this worm burning shoe box.

Panhead fresh from the burn out pit.

The Mosquito Killer.

Solid "Draggins" bucket is a staple at events around here.
Once again the show grew this year with cars spilling out into the open grass field around the main event area. Fewer rusty, tacked together lawn ornaments and more real functioning hot rods which is a welcome change. Still, I wish the bike turn out was a little stronger. Maybe next year, I know I'll have a salty warrior on hand...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ZON for the photo and comment.
Excuse me while I order my t-shirt!
Tony's buddy Bill.