Monday, June 1, 2009

Death of the General?

Condolences to all my Friends who work for the General. Here's to a quick recovery from bankruptcy and government mandated control. Employing as many 600,000 people at it's peak in 1979 the company now has less than 60,000 on it's payroll and will lose another 2-5,000 before this is all over.

Update! My original post on this topic mentioned that people in this country should consider supporting the American auto industry much like you would support the local farmer who lives down the road from you. This pissed one of you off so much that you called me "dumb". I'll admit my rant was a little messy (Vicodin is a tricky drug for the average blogger), let me try it one more time sans migraine meds.

If you are one of the tens of people who are actually in the market for new wheels at this time, please take a peek at the American product because it's as good as, if not better then most foreign stuff rolling around today - MPG, performance and style. If this last paragraph wrinkles your capitalist feathers you may want to consider taking yourself a little less seriously. You should also consider that no other industry in the US effects the economy like the auto industry - every (1) auto industry job supports 8 other non-auto jobs in the US. So by buying an American car the job your saving may actually be your own.

Oh, and I'm not defending the stupid corporate big wigs who got themselves, their companies (and some of us) into this fucking mess. They were idiots if they didn't see this coming. I'm just defending the products that I help create everyday and asking those of you who may have gotten burned in the past (I know I did) to take another look at the current stuff because it's world class. OK I'm taking this soapbox outside and burning it.


davin. said...

Good lookin' out bro. Shit is real ugly here in the D right now.

Shoe said...

I am with you I sure hope it doesnt stay Goverment Motors for long.....State run car companies only lead to more things being state run.....Then where does it end...Never in a million years would you have thought this would happen....But he who subsidizes is he who controls.

I am hoping that Chrysler comes out as well...Competition is good for everyone....