Monday, September 29, 2014

R.I.P Crash

We lost a very good dude on Friday - Gary Lindsay.  R.I.P brother - we will ride on the other side.  You will be missed....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Born Free 6 - PT6

Some shots of the set up day and the Show Class People's Champ Party down at Cooks Corner.  Such a blast!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Born Free 6 - PT5

There was an invited builder pre-party at a local H-D dealership where we got all the builder bikes out of the trailers, out of the trucks and lined up for the first collective glance at this years BF6 crop. Impressive. A great night.  Thanks to Mike, Grant and H-D for throwing the gig! So stoked to be a part of it....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Batch...

..of Oily Souls 2 pics are up on the OSD blog here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting Lost

After the chaos of Oily Souls 2 I needed a break from the input/output so I unplugged for a couple days and got lost.  First only wanting to run west down the Maumee river with the sun in my face, but by the time I ran out of river I was still hungry for more road so I called my friend Dave in Bloomington Indiana (4.5 hours away) and asked if  he'd show me the town. Being a model human Dave said "come on down". Had a blast in Bloomington (the town they filmed 'Breaking Away' in) rolling between bars and checking out the town. Spent the night in a motel that you could only categorize as 'total sketch', but what do you want for 40 bucks? The next morning I had a blast gliding through Brown County (killer roads) before rush hour could muster any strength. By the time the buses where choking the streets I was gone. Next stop was the HQ of Heckman Customs in Franklin, In.  Aric (Heckman Customs owner/operator) took me to a much needed lunch stop and then on a tour of his spotless casting facility. Aric makes super high-quality parts for your chop, check his line out here! From there I split back East into Ohio, found a biker type establishment for a quick one and then I continued North towards home. Saw a sign for Annie Oakly's grave-site and made a b-line for it thinking that would be a great place to grab a quick afternoon siesta.  After paying my respects and learning a litttle bit about little miss sure shot I took a quick nap in front of her grave - Graveyards I've found are the best for napping or even camping if need be. Annie's grave on the other hand turned out to be a horrible place to grab a nap because she is still WAY popular and I kept getting woken up by Mr. & Mrs. middle america. After getting the vagrant stare about a half dozen times I bolted for a shade tree a few rows from hers and managed to get some good sleep. Dinner was in Grand Lake Ohio and I must say the lake was Grand, or rather huge - 7 miles wide!  It was a trip to see so much water in the middle of so much corn! After eating a solid Italian meal I noticed the sun dropping like a stone so I put it down all the way back to the mitten. The only thing worth mentioning is that the Maumee river basin at night is home to a bazillion bugs and I killed about 10 pounds of the little bastards before I got home. But other than that I had a great trip.  The miles did the trick as I felt much better once I returned home - all the sharp little edges inside worn down by the road into a smooth continuous flow. If you can spare a couple days and don't mind operating without an agenda than I suggest getting lost on a regular basis. Thanks for coming along.