Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FOR SALE: The Road Queen

With removable fairing. Comes off in about 10 seconds.

After 5 years and 38,000 miles my SUV, The Road Queen as she is known around here unfortunately must go. As you know if your a reguler at the ZON I've ridden this bike all over the united states. She has been to the West coast two times, to Sturgis 4 times and everywhere else in between including Wyoming, Utah and the UP. I've taken ultra-good care of her and she still purr's like a baby.

Mods include; beach bars, lowered suspension, aux road lamps (for cutting through the blacker than black northern Michigan nights) and a Jardine adjustable-quick release backrest/luggage rack. Major services documented and all oil changes done religiously by me. She has no vices.

Bought new in 2004, I love this bike and you could too. I'm asking 10K which as far as I can see on the web and craigslist is about as cheap as you can find one. Post a comment if your interested.

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