Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Daily Sled #22

Tell me you don't want to thrash that thing around? Dig it. Wonder if you could run something like that at Bonneville? Photo courtesy of MC Art.


Johnny Wolf said...

Is that one of Slim's creations? That looks like the tank/exhaust flange "cap" combo that he runs on his ironhead for an oil bag.

Chris K said...

The mini belongs to Slim's brother Wes. No doubt that Slim made the tank. Diesel, I don't know about today but, back in 1968-70?, I remember seeing a photo of a guy on a lengthened Bonanza mini bike at Bonneville. I think it was Hodaka powered. It was a 2 stroke with a long stinger pipe. The photo ran in few publications that covered Bonneville.