Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mert Greeves

Celebrated artist of the auto Tom Fritz catches my McQueen Monday post this week and sends the following note. He gets the Zon super sleuth award (whenever I make one).
Hey Diesel,

Didjya ever wonder about the closing sequence of the On Any Sundaymovie?Malcolm and Steve were on Huskies, and Mert was on a... a... a what?
Look at Mert's bike closely? Especially the tank emblem... It's aHarley XR750 (the sticker says so)!

Look again... That ain't no Harley. He's sitting on his personal MX'r-- a '70 Greeves 360. Apparently, Mert's contract with H-D didn'tallow him to ride one of the new Huskies that they offered to him, sohe came up with this idea.

In case you were wondering... You take care, bud. Tom

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