Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Daily Sled(s) #153

My buddy Dwayne built a REALLY choice F1oo a little while back and his son Dalt sat in the shop for hours on end helping Dad finish it up. When the build was complete Dalt said he sure would like to have something as cool as Dad's truck to tool around on. Christmas was coming up and Dwayne had some of that killer green paint left over so Dad got busy. The result is pictured above and Dalt has yet to wash the ear to ear grin off his face. Thanks Dad!


Her Majesty's Thunder said...

Great story. Slick little bike!

grant said...

I think we put that on the cover of Classic Trucks if i'm not mistaken. hard to tell in the low light.

Metalman said...

Yes it was thank's. Not to bitch but I wish the lighting on the cover was better but hey it got the spot and a Cool jacket to boot!