Saturday, July 24, 2010

BonnePan Update - Dyno Day @ MCHD

Today I took the BonnePan up to MCHD for some last minute dyno time. Greg & MCHD had graciously opened their doors to help out with our record chase. Unfortunately some gremlins had got their evil little wrenches on the BonnePan. After getting the bike started and up on the roller we started to notice more and more smoke around the bike. Soon it became obvious that something was very wrong. The drag pipes puked white smoke and oil seemed to be coming out of everywhere. We killed the motor and began to probe around. It was mess. We figured we either had a piston ring issue or a head gasket failure on the rear cylinder. The other multiple oil leaks could probably be resolved. With Brian from ACME committed to his own record runs happening next week there was no way he could help us out. Thankfully the clouds parted and the sun shined down in the form of Greg's friend Lurch and his company Mot-R-Tec. Lurch quickly embraced the Bonnepan and within a couple hours I was helping Lurch and his son Tommy tear down the motor. We looked for a few major malfunctions that would put oil into the exhaust and so far found none. Signs are still pointing towards a bum piston ring. Stay tuned we should know more tomorrow. Less than two weeks to Bonneville - yikes.


motoguru. said...

Sounds like normal HD behavior to me.

Rivet said...

Good luck brotha, better you find out now then make that long trip and not be able to run.