Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Eustis Swap - Part 1/3

This past March marked the fourth year of my attendance at the AMCA's Eustis National Swap/Show - three days in the warm Florida sun with old rusty stuff. The weather was the best in years and the amount of vendors selling seemed up from last year. A lot of good stuff for sale but like most major AMCA events the good stuff was not cheap. Having said that there were still some deals to be had on Saturday as people started to think about packing up and heading into Daytona for bike week. By far the best thing about Eustis (besides the weather) is the southern hospitality. After a year or two of visiting the show solo it's now nice to be a part of "the Family". A close knit group of assorted strange and demented biker types of the vintage variety. So I'd like to thank Hammer&Donna, Mark, Nelson (thanks for the parts!), Louis, Joe, Gene, Doc and Tim & Barb for all the love, food, spirits and especially for the roof over my head every time I visit. Already looking forward to next year. Here's the first part of a three part series.

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