Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Western Roll - PT2

One night in Taos we rode a little ways out of town to our friend Robbie's place. He has an unbelievable collection of vintage iron and tons of ultra rare cycle memorabilia. His wife Tamara and he (and a nice crew of dogs) live on an impressive chuck of New Mexican soil. Although their bikes and related motorcycle stuff is a real draw for me I have to say the visit to their petroglyphs(!), on an isolated piece of their property was the highlight of this years visit. They date back at least a couple hundred years and include snakes with lighting bolts for tails, various local animals, strange geometric patterns and what appear to be beings that although stand upright have very unusual physical features. Kinda makes you think a little bit. The university of New Mexico has come out and studied them and determined that they are the real deal - not a bad addition to your backyard right? After that we drank beers and watched another blood red sunset turn to pink and gray. Time very well spent. Some new pics of Robbie's bike collection will be posted on the next installment of this post. Thanks again to both Robbie and Tamara for the hospitality. See you both next year!

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Sick Mick said...

That area is incredible. It's part of my sales territory and I'm forced to go there often.

There is something special about New Mexico. I get to ride there and down through the Ruidoso area as's just good for the spirit!