Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sister Golden Hair #53


GreasyDave said...

She rolls through the Austrian landscape with well tanned thighs, sounding her horn, giving fair warning to the meandering milk cows. Her well rounded 60's era breasts guide her with alert and pointed nipples. A thing of rare and precious beauty.

Sadly she is now in her late sixties or at eternal rest.

Aaaah, Fuckit, I cant compete with Hermitt, his was the best quote EVER !!! Ha ha... (I tried....)

Hermit said...

Off in the distance the throaty rumble of opposed-twin engines warn of her arrival. The Aryan Princess tops the hill, straddling a pair of matched Bavarian stallions, proud and unashamed, upsetting the pastoral serenity of rural Belgium.
Indignant farm wives shield the eyes of curious children from the bikini-clad scandal, while old men lust in secret from behind dirty windows and the weathered slats of decaying tool sheds.

Diesel said...

WOW! Hermit you paint with words my friend!

Hermit said...

Thanks guys, for the kind words. "meandering milk cows" works for me.

Diesel, I don't know where you find all the cool-ass pics but I like 'em.

ZON Rules.

GreasyDave said...

Hermit, you are the KING of wordsmiths! I look forward to more of the same.. the bar has been set ! Deisel... we will be needin some more sisters, please!?!?