Friday, October 26, 2012


Rich from Magneato hosted garage night this week.  The weather was perfect with temps near 70 by the time we gathered around the wrenches.  Rich was in the middle of an H2 cafe style build and wanted some input on bodywork.  We tried on half a dozen tanks and tail sections before agreeing it was a tie between a stock but later Kawasaki unit and the original Norton Manx race bred bottle.  Gino added some break lines to the build while the rest of us told lies and emptied glasses.  Later Terry and I rode home in the warm indian summer air beneath an october moon so bright you could kill your lamp and still see every crack in the road.  Total bliss.


Matt said...

Is that Ypsi?

Diesel said...

Royal Oak

Matt said...

Grew up in so. mitten near Monroe. Live in Arkansas now, better riding, hotter summers. thanks for the great seeing pix of home check out my