Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold Up

Needed a new belt I put the zillion bike projects on hold and started making one the other day.  Not sure about the red jewels but happy with everything else. Put the heavy brass spots on my hips for future road rash prevention. Dying the the whole thing black tonight. It meets my britches tomorrow.


Wes said...

That's awesome!! I'm not sold on the red either, you're more of a mellow green sorta guy. I picked up a buddy seat for Sweet Caroline, you should make me one of those fancy name plates for the grab rail.

motoguru. said...

I agree with Wesley, you've always been more of an emerald guy to me too. Great job!!

Ry said...

Red or green jewels , their still jewels.
I so badly want to make a kidney belt. Love to get a pattern from one if you happen run past one.

Hermit said...

It'll never work.
Without notches it will slip in the sprockets if it doesn't break.