Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fairing Fight

Spent last night trying to heard a flock of cats.  This fairing is SO out of whack.  I can understand and appreciate that Airtech used original parts to make their molds but holy crap this thing is not even close to being symmetrical!  The right side is about 1.5" taller than the left (and the shape is COMPLETELY differen't).  The left side is at least an inch shorter then the right.  The plan view at the nose is not even close either.  I'm not sure if all their products are like this but be prepared if you order one of these.  Of course most of this can be corrected with brackets mounted in key areas and some trimming/adding but for as much as the glass costs it should come out of the box a helluva lot closer.


Hermit said...

Looks cool though. I'm diggin' the clip-ons.

motoguru. said...

Those things shape shift as soon as they pop 'em out of the mold.

Matt said...

we had the same fight with our air tech body. But we realy worked hard to get it symmetrical and eventualy got close enough. We later found less body to work better at very high speed 175+.
Our body was not a "vintage" mold though. They might be worse.