Friday, July 25, 2014

Oily Souls Exposures

18 randoms from Tuesday nights Oily Souls Exposures.  THANKS to all those who came downtown for the opening. We had a blast and pushed closing time a little deeper into the night. Next up: The Oily Souls Run to the Thumb August 8-9th.  Stay tuned for info or check our Instagram feed for details.


Chris & Julie said...

The 15th pic from the bottom is strangely affecting. it;s a groundish level shot that was either brilliantly staged or captured at the 'right moment.' A street scene the photographer may never equal elsewhere ever again. Great natural light and vibe-and a handshake about to be commiserated.Nice.

Noot said...

Hey, Wes made it ! Lookin' dapper there dude - Havin' a good Summer ??? -Noot