Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Real Deal.

My buddy Tom Fritz can paint. I mean really paint. He can put colors on the canvas in ways that take you back to the moment the subject matter was breathing. He finds the coolest blues in the warmest reds. He can bend a pallet around backwards, re-invent the color wheel and make you believe it all. A true genius. He can tell a story in ten brush strokes. I think he is our modern day Fredrick Remington. Just for fun I'll post a Remington above and you can judge for yourself. Keep in mind you could retire right now, buy that pre-war knuckelhead and send your children's children to collage if you sold your Remington. If you can, buy some of Tom's work right now, his stuff is miles in front of everyone elses's. Fritz is the real deal.

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