Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daytona Part 1 - Eustis Vintage Swap

It's 6am and the law has arrived...


Battery operated kiddie Caddy.

This is "Knucklehead". The little bastard is 13 years old and tried to bite me.

Pre-war Beemer single.

If you liked jumping out of airplanes in WWII and happened to be a biker then this gadget owned by my friend Hammer was your ticket. British paratrooper fold up sled powered by a one HP Villers engine. Super rare and super cool.

Mark and Hammer with old timer on his scratch built Square Four.

Old girls enjoying the morning sun.

Wartime 45 with perfect patina.

My favorite bobber at the show.

King Korn Knievel

Check that rear suspension...


Dale Wexlers new VEL. I think he called it that because it's a 61ci Knucklehead in a VL frame. Check out the lever operated exhaust baffle.

Florida George's early board tracker.

Killer cast aluminum tether car.

The first Pope mobile (pre-bullet proof glass).

Cropped Panhead.

Old injun.

Hammer and Picky Jim discussing boat anchors, beards and soft serve.
I started off my trip to the sunshine state for bike week by attending the annual Eustis vintage meet. I ended up having a loads of fun, met a whole new clan of fine people and even found some much needed parts for both the '39 and the BonniePan. The weather was way warm and the roads were way twistier than I could have imagined. Hospitality is definitely in the genes of the southern folk as I rarely paid for a meal or worried about where I might find a bed as one always seemed to find me. Parts 2, 3, 4 coming soon!

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