Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daytona Part 2 - Eustis Vintage Swap Day 2

Mark, dinner bound.

Picky Jim and Joe consult the chef whom I ended up bumping into in the pits at Daytona a few days later. That cat whipped up some of the hottest Italian food I had ever pushed a fork through.

Louie's "Happy Light" in action on his VL.

Fender flare.

Morning came early each day and with a total lack of hot water. Here my feet hang off the roll-away - regardless of the motels shortcomings it beat the cab of my truck hands down.

Road run stragglers gathered under the mid-day moss waiting for that damn Indian...

Mark posing with his anniversary shovel his dad "bought" him after returning from his second tour of duty in Iraq.. Mark is proud stock of the 82nd airborne and like his dad Hammer enjoyed jumping out of airplanes. Thank god for guys like Mark and his dad who let the rest of us sleep easy as they take it on the chin overseas. I say bring 'em all home now.

F*%k an A.

Two from Gene Payne's stable.

Louie supporting a swap meet Van Gogh with his hard earned coin. Louie looks a little concerned about the price of fine art at this point...but how many people can say they have a real Miami AND an original work of that Miami? My guess is no one else on earth and that's pretty cool.

Big tank and big bags sure do make that motor look very small. But this slash2 will go the distance.

Glamour knuck.

Early iron gathers for the judging. Stay tuned much more Daytona coverage coming PLUS vintage days at the Speedway...

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