Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going to Maxton!

Gene's LSR bike at his home stable. The decal above comes with the pleasure of lighting the wick in anger at Maxton.

Looks like I'll be able to make some runs at Maxton too. Looking forward to seeing all the bikes and catching up with the crew. The timing was tight for me so with a 650 mile drive (each way) I'll only be able to run on Sunday. It's kinda funny, 1300 miles of travel to make a 1-mile pass. This is what happens when you really get the disease.
I'm hoping to break my 125mph top speed on the BonnePan.
Needles to say I'll be away from the ZEN den for a few but I'll take plenty of pics for all you guys. Cheers!

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zach said...

Going to be posting more pics from Maxton on my blog ( Its a blast no matter what your running. I was there with the orange ghia.