Friday, October 30, 2009

Monkey on Football

Maxton last weekend. Studying this photo I can see several places the BonnePan needs some LSR type attention.

#1 - another inch is going to come out of the front fork springs - there is still too much rake in the bike so it can sit lower yet.

#2 - that extra wide K&N filter element has to go because it is pushing my right leg outboard WAY too far creating massive drag on the right side.

#3 - the tach mount needs to move from the top of the triple tree to somewhere lower, possibly on the left side of the bike below the tank but in view from the saddle.

#4 - the seat height is too high, I need to be basically sitting on the frame. At Bonneville the bike will pass tech like that, at Maxton I'm not so sure. Either way the seat is dropping pronto.

#5 - The floorboards need to be moved to about 6" in front of the rear axle.

All those changes, if done correctly, should create a smaller front silhouette and therefore a slipperier machine.

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Rivet said...

Dude, I got some decent pics of your whip from Maxton. I finally uploaded them.