Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh Nine Rewind.

Had a blast here at the Zon in 2009. I went back through the photo files and came up with a list of my favorite events attended, happenings, swap meets and so on. Here they are - there were others but these became the best memories of last year.

1) Speed Week at Bonneville.

2) The BonnePan build at ACME vintage.

3) Sturgis at CrazyDave's

4) Route 66 - Chicago to New Mexico

5) Maxton

6) Davenport

7) The Indy Mile

8) Wauseon

9) Daytona

10) Gilmore Vintage Bike Days

11) Billetproof

2009 - A year of travel, good friends and great bikes. Cheers everyone! Hope 2010 is at least half as interesting as '09. Be safe tonight but give the dragon a damn good chase.


motoguru. said...

Awesome. C'mon spring!

dillspaintworks said...

i didnt get to go to maxton this year but awesome to see Gene,Brian,and John!Cant wait to get back out there and work on record breaking bikes!

davo said...

Awesome pics ! Thanks for sharin'!

Diesel said...

Thank You guys for stoppin by!

Shoe said...

As I always say it aint where you are at its who you are with.....The pics speak volumes with out a typed word....

Great times,Good people,Rad bikes.

Heres to 2010 may all roads lead to goodtimes............

That is all..............