Monday, December 7, 2009


Built by "Hillsmith" from WA. Pic courtesy of Grego - always on top of it with the good stuff... Thx!


BCM said...


motoguru. said...

Wow is right! Let's build one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad,
Don't know if you remember me. Name is Dave Norgrove. We had the celebration chest studio together. I also had the 550 spyder replica you were interested in. Cool blog. I have spent at least a couple hours pouring over the cool pictures. Funny how our tastes are similar. I have been building boadtrack style bicycles for a few years now. I started collecting parts to build a Reading Standard btr, but parts are nearly impossible to find. I sold my Reading engine and I am now working on a Model A hot rod. I got a link to your blog from Shahin. We both started working back in Chrysler's design office recently. Super cool pan you have.

Diesel said...


Sure I rememeber! Glad to see your a Zon follower! Send pics of you model A when you can!