Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Back!

Hey there all, I'm back. Went away a little longer than I had planned due to a few technical issues but now I'm home with all my gear packed away and ready to get back at it. Had a great trip/break with some really good days and nights put into the memory banks.

This is the time of year I plan all my trips for the upcoming season and 2010 is looking like it's going to be packed with plenty of two-wheeled travel. If all goes well we'll have a return to Bonneville for Speed Week with the Bonnepan, a San Francisco to Portland run, a trip up the Alaskan Highway, my normal July 4th South West gig and a brand new bike. Nothing like sitting down with a bottle of wine, a calender full of unused vacation days and a stack of really good maps. Switch on the Hi-Fi, throw a log on the fire and create the future.

Let's get rolling, Daytona is only 4 weeks away!

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