Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sturgis PT1 - The AMD Bike Show

This shot captured my kid in the candy store moment when I first walked in.

Not sure if this knuck actually flexed in the middle or not but the super skinny proportions I dug.

Low, long and fat.

Gordon and Minna from Switzerland with their beautifully turned out panhead.

Dual BLOWN! Ural motors. I could see this one on the salt for sure.

Cool details everywhere you look.

What looks like wooden spokes are actually late model Road Glide wheels dolled up with a little paint. Not my first choice in the aesthetic department but at least someone is out of the box and creating something different which make sit cool.

I'm so hungry I could eat this petcock.

Slippery when wet.

My first stop in Sturgis was the AMD bike show pre-party. We were able to slide in the door thanks to Gordon and Minna who were invited to show their killer panhead chopper (first pic above). There were a lot of bikes from around the globe on hand. I think your bike had to win a show in it's original country to be invited to Sturgis for the final competition. Some of the bikes displayed feats of engineering and styling that left you really scratching your head to be honest, as in "why?" But I guess that's what makes a show bike a show bike. Just give me a perfectly proportioned bobber or chopper like Minna's and I'm a happy camper.

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el crazmaister said...

Hi, nice blog man! About the knuckle you posted above, yes it is flexed in the middle (you can see reversed shocks on the downtube). Up to me it was better with old colors, red for the frame and matt silver for wheels.
Here on my blog i posted a couple of pictures.
Take care,
Tobia "el crazmaister".