Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sturgis PT5 - A Ride through the Black Hills w/ Dave Price

Dave Price asked if I would like to take a ride through the Black Hills during the rally via roads only a local would know about? Any of you who have been to Sturgis know how packed the roads get in any direction rally week - riding can actually be a pain but Dave told me we had nothing to worry about. He was right. After borrowing a friends bagger we rode all day and never found any traffic at all. The traffic coming towards us was always jammed but we never had a soul in front of us except for a guy on a Farm-all putting along. with a big smile on his face. A have been going to the rally since '94 and had never ridden most of these little excess roads that spit us out near all the major attractions. It was invaluable having Dave as our guide. Over the years I have come to love the guy with the scary nickname and that big 'ol heart. Thanks for everything Dave!


Ry said...

I stayed at a ranch about 10 minutes from that bridge and rode those hills the entire time I was there , Breath taking views and smooth twisties to ride through. I would consider Custer park a must visit if youre in the general area.

Diesel said...

Custer is great! I love riding there during the rally even though a lot of people tell me it's lame, or the rally in general is lame. I dig it - some of the best riding you can find on earth. Ya some of the people who go kinda cheapen the whole thing but it's whatever you make of it and I've always had a blast just enjoying the roads.