Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kingsville Texas to Jackson Mississippi

Left Kingsville Texas yesterday afternoon and rode through the remaining day and late into the night to get to Jackson Mississippi on the return spur of my trip. Timing is everything sometimes - well, all the time, and this trip is no exception. My route home goes right through Birmingham Alabama and this weekend is the Barber Motorsports Museum's vintage motorcycle festival so I'm gonna hit it. Grabbed a new camera in Houston the other day too so I'll load up. Pitching a tent next to Art Farley's tank shifter tonight. I've covered a ton of ground this past week - the highlight was spending a couple days at the King Ranch checking out the operation and learning about the cattle/cowboy culture. Mind blowing really if you consider the ranch is bigger than the state of RI. I was informed at dinner the first night by Jamie Clement - from the King family, that I was the first biker to ever be allowed in the gates at the ranch in it's 100 plus year history. There went the neighborhood.

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gherlashdawn said...

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