Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still On The Road...

Got down to Houston yesterday. Two solid days riding - the first day in the low 40's most of the way - froze in the night. Day two we passed through Memphis and the weather started to get warmer. By the time we got to Texas it was in the 80's and balmy. An easy ride - just long. So the badnews comes in the technology department - my laptop was DOA so I'm having to improvise - posts will be limited till I return home. Also my camera is dead so I'm really flying blind - ha ha. People existed without these things before right? The goodnews is I'll be heading to Barber this weekend in Alabamba for the vintage festival/swap. I'll also be picking up a camera along the way so pics are the folks that contacted me about places to see once I'm down here THANK YOU - I'll try to make contact when I get a free sec - I'm still working at the moment. Cheers.

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