Thursday, November 17, 2011

Detroit Bicycle Company

A while back one of my best buddies from my heavy skateboarding years started making beautiful track inspired frame sets in his spare time just for fun. While he was brazing and welding away he decided to name his little venture The Detroit Bicycle Company. He was shocked to find out that no one else had already taken the tag. The launch of his website and the images of his bikes ripped through the interwebs like a virus. Next month his creations will be featured in Playboy. Already the que is LONG for one of his bikes. Congrats Steve! Click the post title for a jump to his lovely site and all the bikes.


grant said...

That is a work of art. No wonder there is a waiting list. You have to work to very hard these days to find that kind of workmanship.
Thanks for sharing.

Ry said...

Old school talent, some still build them like they used to.

Sleepy said...

Is it Steve B? Awesome work!!