Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Daily Sled #250!!!

I was saving a special one for the 250 mark and the '37 Joe Petrali 61" Knucklehead Daytona record breaker is most definitely that. Probably my favorite bike of all time now that I really think about it. Joe pushed it to a two-way average of 136.183 on the sand - but without the tail section which was thought to have been aerodynamically unstable at the time, but in all reality the instability was probably due to it's heavy weight - being made of sheet metal, led and rivets the tail weighed over 40 pounds!

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Boardtrackfan said...

Just got back from the Wheels Through Time museum. Dale has one of Joe Petrali's single cylinder boardtrack bikes undergoing restoration. We were lucky enough to meet Dale and get the shop tour. Awesome machines.