Monday, April 9, 2012

A Southern Roll - PT6 Nelson's Place

On the way back from the keys I stopped for dinner and some beers (and as it turns out a transmission!) at my friend Nelson's - he's pictured above on the right shaking Hammer's (another high quality human from Florida) hand. I first met Nelson a couple years back on a trip down to Eustis for the swap.  Like Hammer and I, we became good friends instantly.  I think Nelson had one of those hush, hush military jobs that sent him off to do risky things in far off places uncharted and off the record.  He's a serious engineer and also an abstract thinker who has no problem doing what other say can't be done. He also has a serious knack for putting together great motorcycles. Collecting interesting biker flotsam is another of his talents, the stuff is hanging all over the walls in his state of the art biker barn.  I tried to capture some of it above. Thanks to Nelson and Hammer (and their lovely wives) for a great meal and the southern hospitality!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Talk about a Zen moment !!! Amazing stuff, thanks.

bobx said...

cool post. shop and bikes kick ass.

Paul said...

Great shop! Someday... anyway not all of us who live in the "Gunshine State" are idiots. Thjere are still some good folks out there.