Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gyronaut X-1

Earl Flanders (AMA prez), Bob Leppan (rider), Alex Tremulis(stylist) and Jim Bruflodt (mechanic).  Eventually this team would see a 264.437 top speed in the iconic Gyronaut.  Bob Leppan is currently restoring the streamliner for a return to Bonneville next year marking the  50th anniversary of the Gyronaut's first runs down the salt.  Alex Tremulis was a stylist at Ford like yours truly and created the concept for the bike. Powered by twin Triumph mills derived from Bob and Jim's ex-drag racer "Cannibal II".  Alex's nephew has created a great site that rolls out the whole story.  Check it out here

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Anonymous said...

Cool that someone with such great taste in bikes is having a hand in modern design.