Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harley-Davidson & The Sweathogs

My friend Eric from work brought in some vintage Kodachrome from his childhood days here in Detroit.  Eric's father was/remains a true gear head like us. He built this custom Sportster back in the early 8o's and at some point snapped a few off on a late summer day in 1976.  Eric is seen standing next to his Dad's cool new sled looking proud of the bike as his dad probably was of him.  I love that center pic with Eric. His Sweathogs shirt and his buddies green machine bring it all back for me.  Thanks for the pics Eric!


Hermit said...

Erick's pop was definitely in touch with the cosmos with the yin-yang and sweet leaf painted gas tank.

WhitelinePsycho said...

And that style of scoot never goes out of 'fashion', it remains cool ad infinitum.

Eric Lucien said...

Eric’s father clearly is a true gear head to have built a custom Sportster bike! That is a pretty cool thing, building your own bike. I can understand why he was standing there, proud of the bike his dad made. It is something to be proud about, that your father could build a working Harley with a double exhaust back in the day, which was still a relatively new design aspect at that time. I wonder if it’s still in good condition.