Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Western Roll PT10 - Born Free - The Full Pow Wow

It's been over a month since the show and I still can't put into words how heavy it was out there.  The shot from up on the hill above gives you an idea of the magnitude but keep in mind I was only able to get less then HALF the show into the frame from there.  There were enough vendors, builders, shops, magazines, personalities and no-limit show bikes to make a dozen solid shows - but to me the real meat of the thing were all the bikes and riders who rolled through the gates all day long.  The tribe came together in a blinding techno-color chrome-alloy parade and collectively pooled all their stoke into one space for one glorious moment.  The outside world and all it's ridiculous issues ceased to exist.  Hate and war did not make the show.  ALL PRAISE THE MOTORCYCLE. Amen


grant said...

we should put you on payroll! Great photos and write up. thanks, glad you had fun!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Unreal shots, brilliant written precis that encapsulates it so well, sincere thanks for such a dedicated and in depth coverage of an event I so very much want to attend, truly Zen, total Neato.

Chris K said...

As always, great photos.

Thought I might bump into ya at the show, but then again, I didn't see or get to meet many that day.

Enjoy the travel pics too, they almost make me jealous.