Monday, February 11, 2013

Lucky Panties

I found this set Brooks leathers with a period AMA pin at a recent local swap.  I was told they were worn by an old timer who used them in the late 50's to run scrambles around the Detroit area.  After I got them home I found a surprise in the back pocket of the matching pants.  Good luck I'm thinking. After considering what to do with them I realized the only place they belonged was up at Gene's "museum" which is exactly where I took them this past weekend.  They look right at home hanging there.  Gene says he a has a period mannequin they are destined for.  It's hard giving away cool rare stuff but when it's the right thing to do there is no other choice - and the sickel gods all smile down on you.

1 comment:

Hermit said...

Quite the sacrifice Diesel. Those fifties-era panties are bringing top dollar. Old boy was either a cross-dresser or he got lucky with the trophy girl.

Pretty cool looking "museum."