Friday, August 15, 2014

Oily Souls - Run to the Thumb / R+F+L+P - PT1

What a weekend!  About 40 bikes made the run in the end with people showing up from all over the mitten (and mid-west - TOM!!!!).  We road about 300 miles, raised about $700 bucks for Ashley and partied so hard we got kicked out of another bike rally for making too much of a ruckus and frightening the straights. Friday night at the Parisville Saloon was epic with Poncho and Kelly rolling out the red carpet for our ragged band of pirates.  A HUGE thanks to booth of them for making us all feel so at home!!!  Another massive high-five needs to be bestowed upon Dustin Themm for organizing the whole deal -sweating out the tiny details like a pro and pulling the whole damn thing off without a hitch!!! THANK YOU my brother! LET"S DO IT AGAIN!!! About 90 pics coming - here are the first 14.

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