Thursday, August 7, 2014

TOMORROW!!! RUN to the THUMB!!! & R+F+L+P

If you're anywhere near the Mitten this weekend you should be on this run!  3 days of ripping around empty country roads, 2 nights camping, two BBQ pig roasts, bands, raffles, give-away's, booze, a great lake, and a bunch of your brothers living life at 10/10ths in some of the best weather we have ever seen here! 10 bucks for Friday night which includes food, camping, wildlife interaction, music, midnight hole-shots, and your raffle entry!!! Saturday we all get up and do The Ride for Larry Pierce. Saturday evening is more of the same fun but in another town where we join the famous Hog Town Run - 15 bucks get's you food, camping, and entry into the $500 raffle!!!  Scroll down to my last post for meeting details and other info!!!  Don't waste this weekend sitting on the couch or in your garage!  GET YOU ASS TO THE THUMB!!! We DO NOT care what kind of bike you ride - we just want to see you on the run!

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