Monday, June 16, 2008

Bikes and Barns

The same weekend as Billetproof but a day later was the annual vintage motorcycle show at the Gilmore Barns in Western Michigan. This year I got up pretty late (I convinced myself I did not need to go the night before but awoke with the "itch") and did not get my bike pointed West until late morning. It's a 2-3 hour ride from home and I knew there was a little weather closing in (understatement of the year) so I gave the road queen plenty of spur and got there in under two hours.

The show was twice as big as I remember and the swap meet had grown four-fold. They said the "bike only" pasture was pushing 3,500 scoots. Wow. I guess people like the old stuff. Speaking of old stuff the Gilmore museum is full of it. Here is the story of the museum in a nut-shell - man restores historic barns, fills them with an unbelievable collection of very rare things with motors - all kinds of things, from cycles to tractors, collection becomes world famous, man opens collection to public. Great place for a motorhead to spend a lazy afternoon. I can only imagine how big it would have been if not for the scary weather.


Yellowfruit said...

Nice blog. I like your pictures there really good.

Diesel said...

Thanks Yellowfruit!