Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Peach Alese

Some years ago I fell in love with the Porsche 356. There is something about the pure lines, bulletproof engineering and solid build quality of Stuttgart's little tart. I drew them all through school and into "adulthood". About 12 years back I decided that of all the different versions the Pre-A variant (1951-55) was the sweetest. It's rolled under rockers, tiny greenhouse and low slung stance won me over. Definitely not the most advance of the bathtubs from a technical standpoint but in my opinion the most advanced in the styling department. I set out to find one of my own. I looked for years. After a lot of travelling only to find misrepresented rust buckets I found "Alese" (it means a beautiful soul) in my own backyard - almost literally. She's a 1955 1500cc Pre-A Continental Coupe. The restoration took 3 years. Don't let her docile looks fool you - she's a real runner. I've driven her everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and she has never let me down. This is no doubt thanks to two people who never let me down during the re-build - Ted Dunham and Neil Goldberg. I cannot say enough good things about these two guys, whenever I came to a road block (and there were many)they were there with a solution and a pair of helping hands. Thanks you two!

These pics are from the East Coast Vintage Porsche Holiday at Boyne Highlands in Northern Michigan last summer. Great event. Alese even charged the Hill Climb in anger and despite her age and meager HP finished well up the ladder putting almost 2/3rds of the other entrees in her dust. I Love that girl!

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jahluv said...

Beautiful car - glad to read that you drive your 356. So many nice ones I see out here in LA are weekend rides - then sealed up back in the "carcoon." Great blog too.

"jahluv" from the jockey journal...