Monday, February 9, 2009

Ford and Harley-Davidson via Chi-Town

A little taste of what I do during the week from 9-6pm most days. In July of 2006 I made this sketch of what the 2010 HD F150 might look like. Tonight at Chicago Harley-Davidson in Glenview it gets revealed to the media. The design process in not lightening fast. We work 3-4 years into the future on most cars and trucks. Typically we do these reveals at the auto shows but this time we decided to try something a little different. I'm stoked because it should be a helluva good party. Looking forward to seeing some of my HD design buddies as well. Paul bring your harp!!! Check back after midnight tonight for a pic of the actual truck...

1 comment:

Shoe said...

Kick ass work man.....Congrats.

Tell my buddies at Harley I said hey and if ya ever need some dents pounded out of this truck you just let me know.....hahaha