Saturday, February 14, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Pea shooter.

Looking for a Pan? Take your pick...

Pan survivor.

Flathead Bobber taking shape.

Tiny cases the goods. How about that Sporty?
I love this piece. Each racer is a work of art in and of itself.

I have never seen Jeff Decker's full-size Petrali Daytona Beach knucklehead in the flesh until now. Fantastic right down to the last washer and bolt.

At the reveal of the 2010 HD F-one fitty the other night, Danny, the son of the owner of Chicago Harley-Davidson took Tiny, Paul Martin and I on a little tour. Once we got back behind the hundreds of new bikes awaiting delivery we were shocked to find room after room full of cool old stuff. Turns out Danny's dad is a HUGE collector. He even had some Jeff Decker's work. Here are some pics


Greg Fadell said...

This is Greg from last night at the park.
Your blog rules!
you got and email address?
mine is

See you Monday..........

scotthn said...

jeff decker's stuff is truly mind blowing!
wish that dude had a blog.....or does he?