Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daytona or Bust...

I decided to adjust the proportions on the '39 for bike week by swapping the 16" front wheel with an 18". It'll give the bike a little faster appearance without making it look like something from the sixties. Here I just unpacked the goodie box sent from Picky Jim in Idaho.

At the same time I was working on the wheel swap I also wanted to get the original '39 Michigan plate on the bike. It would require me to design a new bracket which was cool because I never liked the lines on the one I was running before. Here I mocked-up the bracket out of very thin aluminum - you can work it like cardboard and it will hold it's shape for Dwayne my welder.

While the final bracket was being created from my mock-up at Dwayne's shop I re-wired the tail end of the bike. What's the best time to do intricate electrical engineering? At 3:10 am which is when this picture was taken by Dieselero.

OK, so this morning I mounted the 18" to the brake drum, checked clearances and bolted it onto the springer. I got the plate/brake lamp bracket back from Dwayne and bolted it on. It fit perfectly. I adjusted the angle of the plate bed to match the same angle on the rear down tube so your eye follows the implied line from the top of the handle bars right down to the plate. Dig?

I love the look of the new 18". It really changes the look of the bike. While it was up on the lift I manged to reinforce the exhaust mounts, do some maintenance on the battery (I now have a pair of jeans with a hip looking patina courtesy of some ill tempered battery acid). Other then bolting on a new lens for the brake lamp and packing my sunglasses I'm ready for Daytona. Out.


Cap'n Cornhole said...

That is beautiful. Maybe we'll catch you down this way. Ride safe.


Wrenchbender said...

That 18" swap makes it look 1000% better.