Friday, July 10, 2009

A Shield 4 Shoe

Front view showing my $25.oo swap meet fairing from a crashed Ultra. After a few more dollars for some black paint it was looking like it came from the factory. The whole thing pops off in about two seconds.

Rear view showing the bracket I created and the used quick-release windshield brackets and bolts used to make the whole thing work. The rubber trim around the head lamp nacel is actually fuel line I sliced and slid on the sharp edge of the homemade bracket. It keeps the bracket from scratching the chrome on the nacel during instalation and removal.

Was going to use those fairing wing pockets for my rearview mirrors but the ones on the bars work just fine.

Unit shown mid windshield swap - short one for cruising around, tall one for long relaxed rides across state lines (that's a hint Shoe).
Here you go Shoe. I hope this helps. If you need to see it in person I can throw it in the truck and bring it to Wauseon.

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Shoe said...

Vey Cool Brad....This will be my new swap meet misson...for the new ride.Thanks for posting te pics.A copy of the template would be really cool and save me all the R & D time...hahaha

See you at Wauseon not sure if I am riding or bring vintage tin yet.

Thanks Shoe