Saturday, November 7, 2009

So Long Again...

I wonder what the man would have thought about the world we live in today? He'd dig the total saturation of motor culture everywhere but would probably be put off by the lack of original style and substance within it. I don't think he would have wanted to endorse watches, clothing, cars, or anything else for that matter. I can imagine him thinking that it's a sham buying into anything without working at it and paying your dues in sweat and blood first. This theme revealed itself in his later years as he broke away from popular culture and did his own thing in his own time - what he had left of it. We could use a guy like him right now, but it makes me feel better that within our 2-wheeled fraternity most of us understand what he stood for and ultimately what his image has become known to stand for - no compromises, living life according to your own rules, existing for more than a social-political tag and never letting a friend down no matter what. He also understood the power of the machine and showed us all how to live with it in style.

Steve took his last lap 29 years ago today.

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